Friday, May 24, 2013

Number Sense Fun

  Ordinarily, I avoid shopping. 
Whether it's for clothes, shoes, groceries, or begonias... 
it really doesn't matter in the least.  
It's simply not my idea of fun.
Strange, huh?

That pattern changed for me last week, though.
My daughter and I drove over to our local 
Hobby Lobby where I found these
adorable foam stickers and 
I immediately thought of a use for them, too.  
That almost never happens for me. 

This will be a fun number sense game for the number five.
To prepare: remove the backing from one basketball sticker and one soccer (or baseball) sticker.  Stick'em together and you've now got
a two-sided foam counter.  Toss them in the air as high as you'd like because they're not going to make any noise!  Then record the
combinations of five on your recording sheet. 
Click on the picture to get your copy.
These foam stickers are also available at Oriental Trading
and a variety of other places on the internet
if you don't have a Hobby Lobby in your area.
Please consider leaving a comment.  
I need suggestions on what to do with the silly football stickers!
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