Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Friday...

 and I'm so pleased to join in the fun with my second linky!  
I must apologize in advance, though.  
This won't be a Five for Friday at all.  
It's more like Three with a Twist of Lime. 
First up!
My first graders are preparing for our school's annual event called Art Under the Stars.  Each grade level studies the work of a famous painter and we recreate his work...
  first grade style! 
  Our students' artwork fills every square inch of space, 
from the ceiling to the tile floors.
A variety of musicians play softly at all the hallway intersections and the hallways are lit with dainty lightsIt's also not unusual for hundreds upon hundreds of people to visit.  
It's simply magical, I tell ya!
Here's an example of a first grade project.  

This is Monet's Impression, Sunrise.
   and this is Mary Katherine's interpretation:
So lovely, isn't it?!
Next up...
we field-tripped (yeah, it's a verb, too) to a neighboring town where we enjoyed a play performed by high school kids. Then we headed over to the local park where we enjoyed a yummy sack lunch complete with ham 
 sandwiches (96% bread), graham crackers and my favorite, gummies.  
All washed down with a strawberry milk.
Life just doesn't get any better than that. 

I've been a bit misty-eyed this week, too.
My youngest will soon go away to college and
while she'll be entering one of the most wonderful stages of life,
I'll be closing the door to one of mine.
   Enough of that or the water works will start again. *Sigh*
 And finally, on a much, MUCH happier note...
 I also created a new screensaver for my smartboard this week.  
We were all so, SO bored with the old one.
It was cute, yes... but I wanted just one more opportunity
to place TEXT in front of my friends' faces.
So this idea was born...
To say that my friends had a case of the giggles would be slightly understated.  
Enjoy your weekend!
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