Friday, January 30, 2015

Stop, Swap and Roll (Product Swap) and a Give-Away

Happy Saturday, Folks!

Today, I'm pleased as punch
to join other bloggers
for a fun product swap
sponsored by
Melissa at
Jungle Learners

For this swap, I was paired with the lovely
Amy from
She is a busy wife, mom, and 
reading specialist from
the great state of Pennsylvania! 

Amy has an absolute plethora of activities in her store, all disguised as FUN, so it was quite a challenge to select just one product.

I finally decided on her game... 

With its snowman theme, it was perfectly suited for the time of year 
I would be introducing
this skill to my firsties. 

There are 3 highly-engaging games in
Amy's product, however I knew I wanted to 
 incorporate the "write the room" activity into my center time.
My kids had not been exposed to such a game and I was eager to give them another reason to leave their seats.  
With a class make-up of two-thirds BOYS,
you can probably understand the need!
Bless my heart!

Prep could not have been any easier.
Just print, cut, and tape the cards 
around the room... literally!
You might want to provide your kids with  clipboards 
and then...
let them go!

Here are a few pics of this 
fun game in action.  

This firstie found a card on a spelling
bulletin board.

Then he noticed one taped to a stereo,

and one taped to a shelf, 

and one on a closet door.
Absolutely any space in your classroom
is more than suitable for this activity!

I also loved how Amy's product included all the necessary recording sheets 
so your kiddos can be
held accountable for their work.
That alone makes my job so much easier.

I encourage you to tip-toe on over to 
Amy's store and check out her other products.
She has a wide, WIDE assortment of
activities for whole group, small group,
intervention, etc...
Go See!

I mentioned a give-away, too!
Amy has graciously agreed to allow me to give away a free sample of her fun game
plus another product of your choice.

It's simple to enter!

There are MORE giveaways going on during this product swap.
Amy's even giving away one of my products.  Go see her HERE.
Be sure and visit these other blogs for more giveaway opportunities!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kim Adsit at Her Best

Hi Everyone!
My entire grade level recently had the pleasure of attending a seminar conducted by
Kim Adsit of Kindergals
and I must say she was 
everything I expected her to be 
and oh, OH so much more.

 If you find yourself 
in need of fresh ideas, 
recent research in early childhood education, or simply confirmation 
that you're doing something right, 
this conference is for you.

It was entitled...

and it's got something for everyone...
 the teacher at the threshold of her career and those of us 
who will soon bring it to a close.  
I encourage you to RUN - don't walk,
and take a peek at her schedule.
She's probably coming to a city near YOU! 

Thank you, Kim for posing with all of us!

If you're still reading 
(and I'm so grateful if you are!), 
I'd like to share with you 
a reading skill called prosody 
and how my classroom kind of lost one of the ways in which it is so easily developed.
Through her seminar, Kim so graciously inspired me to return to it once again. 

So... what's this thing called prosody?
Basically it's what makes 
expressive reading
It's timing, intonation, phrasing, emphasis and it's easily developed 
through chants,


and songs!

While I have always included 
a weekly chant or poem 
for my kiddos to practice,
the singing had essentially disappeared.
My daily schedule 
would allow for only so many  
"must haves" 
 and they multiplied each year.  
Some element of my day 
had to be dropped and sadly, 
for my kiddos... that was singing.

Now that I'm reflecting on Kim's teaching,
I am reminded 
of the importance of singing 
and it will return to my classroom...
with a vengence next week!

I'm starting with this favorite...
Today is Sunday.

It's a simple one 
your kids will be humming 
all day.  
If you don't have it on a cd,
you can sing along on youtube HERE 
 and if you'd like your own copy of the poster
click HERE.

Clipart by My Cute Graphics and public domain images

Enjoy your weekend and thanks, Kim!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fresh Start Fry Phrases

Hi Everyone,

It's 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 4th and my 
Christmas break is quickly coming to an end.
Monday morning will arrive 
in just a few short hours 
and that means I'll have to set my alarm before going to bed tonight. 

 My brain is already beginning to show 
signs of rebellion 
at the mere thought of it.
Morning person... I'm not. 

With the tiny bit of time 
I have remaining, 
I thought I would offer 
a free sample of a product 
I recently posted in my store.

This product is intended 
for the ipad in your classroom.  
Each slide has a sentence 
using a common phrase 
consisting of fry words. 
It would be most appropriate for late kindergarten or first grade classrooms. 
What kid would not enjoy 
reading to and with a friend... 
especially when they're using an ipad! 

I'd love to share 4 copies
Leave your email address, please.

After those are gone, you can find this product HERE.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Currently

Happy New Year!
It's so nice to have a fresh start, 
don't you agree?

Anyway... I'm linking up with 
to kick off the new year.

Listening: We're currently between ballgames at my house.  Hubby is napping so it's just me and the dehumidifier.  My life is so exciting, I know.  

Loving:  The afternoon I spent with my parents watching THE Auburn Tigers in the Outback Bowl. Although my mother served a wonderful lunch (peas and cornbread!) and we were all sporting our Auburn colors, my team sadly lost. We'll regroup and return next year. There's always hope in next year. 
Kudos to YOU, Wisconsin! 

Thinking: I am a list-maker and every year during my Christmas break, I make an impossible "to do" list.  This year is kicking my bottom because I'm not remotely getting close to completing it.

Wanting: My pup, Brownie, is not well.  We made an emergency trip to the vet hospital last weekend and after a round of meds, he's still not on the mend.  We have an appointment with our regular vet tomorrow.

Needing: My lesson plans are not complete for next week!  My teacher friends had them done before we left school 2 weeks ago!  

Yes: I should GET UP and go for a walk before the soaking rain that's forecast for our area arrives later today.  I really should... just.get.up.

Wanting: I had an earlier conversation with our vet yesterday.  Her prognosis was not good for my furry friend. Perhaps after she examines him, she'll have better news.

Wishing: I desperately want to attend a professional development seminar in Mobile in 2 weeks.  My district, however, has not approved these type requests in YEARS.
What's up with THAT?!  Folks, Kim Adsit is presenting! 

Happy New Year to YOU and YOURS! 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hi, Everyone...

I'm joining my last linky party for 2014!
It's sponsored by

and it's all about the one word you'll embrace for the upcoming year.

I've chosen 

Since I'm an introvert by nature, 
I can't imagine this word will be 
difficult to maintain. 
I'm naturally a quiet person.

it's what I expect to do with it that will be different for me this year.

It's my intention to be more quiet so I can focus more on the people with whom I'm blessed to share my day. 
My dear hubby, my own children, my parents and sisters, students, 
colleagues, and good friends. 
All deserve to be noticed and 
appreciated more frequently.  

As I thought about my word last night, 
I came across this lovely message

   and I thought it was the perfect expression of my goal for this next year.

So... what about you?
What word will you choose?

Thank you, Super Powers, for this fun linky!
Happy New Year to you and yours!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Bat Stuff and a Freebie

It's Friday, people!

To announce it with that much gusto
you'd think I had worked all week.
However, I certainly have not.

I've been on fall break 
for most of this week and 
I won't deny that 
I've loved every minute.

My only question now is...
How many days until the next break?

I'm pleased as punch 
to participate in TBA's

Let's get started...

Like many of you, 
I'll be teaching a bat unit this month.

But when a quick peek 
at my current resources 
revealed only one copy of Stellaluna 
and 2 non-fiction books, 
I knew I had to hop
 over to Amazon and 
fill my cart with these lovelies.

After I placed my order, I began to think about a class KWL chart.
 I knew my kiddos would likely be more engaged if they could record the same information in 
a bat booklet, of sorts.

So, this product 
was created 
to meet that need.

There are pages to record 
several bat facts 
your kids might find interesting, 
a page to list what bats eat, 
where they live, 
and 2 others that are 
modeled after a KWL chart.

If you'd like a copy, go HERE.

What activities do you typically include during your study of bats?
I'd love to hear about them!

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Currently

It's not unusual that I'm late 
to Farley's
Somehow the first of every month 
seems to catch me 
when I'm not looking!
Am I the only one?

Listening: My husband sings frequently throughout the day.  It's always random stuff and usually quite loud.  To me, it's a happy kind of noise. 

Loving:  My youngest is a freshman in college these days.  She returned home this weekend to spend her fall break with those of us who love her the most.  We enjoyed some "girl time" yesterday with an overdue trip to the mall for new clothes and ice cream. 

Thinking:  My district included a fall break in the calendar this year and boy, am I grateful!  Did I mention it starts tomorrow?

Wanting: Seriously, I need someone to step up to the plate tonight and volunteer to cook supper. Any takers?

Needing: To buy groceries and finish the laundry.  Boring stuff.

Treat: I'll be teaching my non-fiction unit on Spiders when I return from our fall break.
Last year's first graders simply could not get enough of this study. 
It's currently on sale.  
Pardon the pun... I simply couldn't resist.

You can check it out HERE.

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