Friday, October 10, 2014

Bat Stuff and a Freebie

It's Friday, people!

To announce it with that much gusto
you'd think I had worked all week.
However, I certainly have not.

I've been on fall break 
for most of this week and 
I won't deny that 
I've loved every minute.

My only question now is...
How many days until the next break?

I'm pleased as punch 
to participate in TBA's

Let's get started...

Like many of you, 
I'll be teaching a bat unit this month.

But when a quick peek 
at my current resources 
revealed only one copy of Stellaluna 
and 2 non-fiction books, 
I knew I had to hop
 over to Amazon and 
fill my cart with these lovelies.

After I placed my order, I began to think about a class KWL chart.
 I knew my kiddos would likely be more engaged if they could record the same information in 
a bat booklet, of sorts.

So, this product 
was created 
to meet that need.

There are pages to record 
several bat facts 
your kids might find interesting, 
a page to list what bats eat, 
where they live, 
and 2 others that are 
modeled after a KWL chart.

If you'd like a copy, go HERE.

What activities do you typically include during your study of bats?
I'd love to hear about them!

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Currently

It's not unusual that I'm late 
to Farley's
Somehow the first of every month 
seems to catch me 
when I'm not looking!
Am I the only one?

Listening: My husband sings frequently throughout the day.  It's always random stuff and usually quite loud.  To me, it's a happy kind of noise. 

Loving:  My youngest is a freshman in college these days.  She returned home this weekend to spend her fall break with those of us who love her the most.  We enjoyed some "girl time" yesterday with an overdue trip to the mall for new clothes and ice cream. 

Thinking:  My district included a fall break in the calendar this year and boy, am I grateful!  Did I mention it starts tomorrow?

Wanting: Seriously, I need someone to step up to the plate tonight and volunteer to cook supper. Any takers?

Needing: To buy groceries and finish the laundry.  Boring stuff.

Treat: I'll be teaching my non-fiction unit on Spiders when I return from our fall break.
Last year's first graders simply could not get enough of this study. 
It's currently on sale.  
Pardon the pun... I simply couldn't resist.

You can check it out HERE.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A "Counting On" Apple Scoot Game

Hi Y'all!

Procrastination is the name of the game, 
my friends... and it seems 
I'm the local champion.

Tomorrow is Sunday
 and one would think 
my lesson plans 
would have been completed 
at this point in the week.

Sadly, they are not.
That task will be 
my number one priority 
immediately after church tomorrow...
unless I find another reason 
to avoid it and
I'm thinking that's highly likely.

I have two new products to share with you.

The first one is...

and it's a "Counting On" scoot game.
It will perfectly complement 
your apple unit and reinforce 
an important addition strategy 
at the same time. 
People, it rarely gets 
better than that.

Unless, of course, you're in need 
of supplemental materials 
for an upcoming 
Reading Street unit 
Get the Egg.
Well, guess what?!
I have a product 
to meet that need, too!

This product 
contains word sorts, 
roll and read activities, 
word family flip books,
a high-frequency word card game, 
and several other centers.
You can check out 
a more comprehensive list  
right here.

I'd love to give away 
3 copies of each one.
Leave a comment 
along with your email address 
and I'll send it in 
your direction.

Enjoy your Saturday night! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bulletin Board 101

Hi Everyone!
For those of you who enjoy using clipart images in decorative ways,
I have a project just for you!

Outside of my classroom door, I have
a somewhat large bulletin board
for which I'm responsible.

My first thought 
was to leave it blank 
I quickly determined 
that was probably not 
in my best interest.  

Later, while I was 
scrolling through Pinterest, 
I found this lovely idea.
imagine that!


It inspired me 
to create something similar.

So, I purchased 
this clipart collection
from TPT,
like... where else?

(available HERE)

and I chose several images 
to send to my local
 copy store
to have them enlarged.

Days later... 
my new students 
were reviewing
the combinations of 8.

Using this
adorable cow pattern 

I purchased HERE,
my kids were able 
to review a math concept
and create this friendly display 
at the same time.

Here's a close up...

You'll need to remind yourself that 
this cow was formed with scissors held in
the hand of a six year old.

Enjoy your week!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Five for Friday and Open House Stuff

Happy Friday!
I've just completed a week of 
inservice days with a tiny bit
of time allocated to my classroom.

Even though my kiddos 
will arrive Monday morning, 
bright and early,
 I have just enough time to
participate in Doodle Bug's
Five for Friday.

After that,
I'll be operating in
crazy mode
until the final details are complete.

Here we go...

Outside of Red Ribbon Week 
 or a Dr. Seuss decorating contest, 
I seldom decorate 
my classroom door.

However, I transferred to a new school this year and I'm making every attempt to try new things.

To correlate with the chip theme,
I prepared these prizes for my kiddos.
If you like the chip bag toppers,
you can get a copy HERE.

This week, I also created 
a photo booth
for Open House.
Here are a few props I prepared on my kitchen island while I waited on the noodles to boil.
I'm such a beast 
when it comes to multi-tasking...

Here's another bulletin board 
in which I used a clip art image 
as the focal point. 
It makes me deliriously happy to get extra mileage from my stash.
  The scissors were a 
free download from 
Dots of Fun.
It's available HERE.

and finally...

This cartoon is a perfect fit for me.
My picture hangs proudly in the 
Natural Museum of Laminators.  

In addition, 
I am the only card-carrying, 
completely certified
 laminator for the entire southeast region. 

When your librarian has a problem, she calls the laminator people.  
When the laminator people 
need additional support... 
they call me.  
I'm just that good.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's Tuesday - Time for a Book Linky

It's Tuesday, folks
and my school year
is officially in full swing.

With the kiddos arriving 
in less than a week, 
Deanna's book linky 
is the perfect time to
take a break.

I have worked incredibly hard today, 
so you'll not have to convince me 
to relax just a moment.

Here we go...

The book that I selected for this week is a favorite of mine to read during the first 
week of school.
It's just too sweet to make the children wait.

Amazon's review reads:

When Amos goes fishing he is caught by an amazing fish that takes him home 

and puts him in a bowl of air for a pet.

The illustrations are simply inviting and the story line is easy to follow.
After sharing, 
I generally follow up the story 
with a conversation 
about fact/fiction 
and the kids can always provide 
a number of examples 
for each category.
Even on the first day.

it has a variety of tier II vocabulary words
on which you could focus.
ordinary.  extraordinary.  trophy.  tattered.

If you're interested in a copy for your own classroom, you can find used copies HERE.

Now what book will YOU share?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!
Another week is coming to a close 
and I'm 3 days closer to the start of school.
Before I return to my 
regular schedule, though... 
it's the perfect time to link up with 
Doodle Bugs Teaching

Let's get started!

I luv getting extra mileage out of clip art!
So... using THIS set from 
Graphics From the Pond 
I gave my spelling word display an overhaul.
Each week, I'll write the spelling words on the mice so they will be on display.

Another facelift project ...
This is the anchor chart I use the first week of school to teach one of the many procedures I want my kiddos to learn.
Be sure to wear your shades so the shocking yellow doesn't damage your retinas!

For Open House, my teacher friends and I 
are planning a photo booth.  
I've been busy creating speech bubbles to use as props...

My daughter and I made a dri-erase calendar 
for her dorm room.  
She moves in about 3 weeks.
*sniff*  *sniff*

And finally...

Like many others, 
I'm having a sale this weekend.  
Be sure to check out all the
Reading Street 
units I have available.
You're sure to find something!

Enjoy your weekend, friends!
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