Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Two for Tuesday and a Freebie!

It's week 5, friends
and I'm linkin' up with
summer linky party and 
you're invited to play along, too!
Simply offer two products 
at 50% for today only.  
It's just that easy!

This week, I'm featuring one of my favorites.
It's called Watch Your Speed
and it's a behavioral management system 
with which most littles can identify.
Sadly, I know I can!

This product is kinda-sorta
 like the clip charts 
you've seen on Pinterest...
with one difference.

Instead of each kiddo moving a clip
 from one color card to the next,
the kiddo manipulates a colored car in response to his/her choices.

You'll need a sheet of poster board and a library pocket for each student.
Assembly is required - but not much!
You can find this product HERE.
It's 50% off today only!

my district adopted 
the Reading Street series(2008) 
a few years ago.

The following product was developed over the course of the first year out of a need to practice the high-frequency words introduced
with each story.

It features a card game to reinforce the high frequency words 
for every story 
for the ENTIRE year.

Honestly, my own kiddos play it daily 
(year after year) 
and they never seem to tire of it.  

This product also includes a vocabulary card for every high frequency word. 
Here you'll see the high frequency words for
Sam, Come Back
Pig in a Wig.
The clipart images also help you remember to which story it belongs!
You can get this product HERE.
It's 50% off today only!

if you've stayed with me this long...
I have a freebie for you.

My original grading scale
(something my district requires)
was old... and tired.
It got a much needed make-over this week.

If you would like a copy, 
you can check it out HERE.

If you would consider it,
please give me a 

right HERE! 
I'd love to hear from you!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Freebie Friday

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Once again, I'm linkin' up with

Freebie Fridays

Can you believe 
this is the last Friday 
in the month of June?  
Even more surprising, 
I'll be in full "school" mode in 4 weeks.

you came for a freebie 
and I have a lovely one for you
this week.

It addresses the 
common core standard
which reads
Determine the unknown whole number in an addition or subtraction equation relating three whole numbers. 

This is it...

and you can find it HERE.

Now if you could please pardon me,
I really need 
to get back to
this mess
my classroom.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two for Tuesday - Week 4

Happy Tuesday!
Once again,I'm linking up with 

Two for Tuesday
summer bloggin' fun!

To participate,
I've been asked to discount
two products 
in my store for today only,

The two that I've selected are products
that I use with
Accelerated Reader.

First up...

This product was adapted 
from a display I had 
in my classroom for years.  

  One day though,
I needed the wall space for other things, 
so I took it down and converted it
into a personal log book that tracks the students' reading progress. 

In a nutshell, here's how it works...

Each level features an animal 
with 10 circles on it. 

Kiddos read a book, 
then take and pass an AR quiz.  
They're then given one of these 
handy-dandy stickers for their chart.
10 stickers = 10 quizzes

Each page also features 
a fun fact about the animal, 
a graph for recording the types of books they're reading and 
most importantly...
a badge for having completed that level!
It kinda makes me think 
of the 
 badges that 
Boy / Girl Scouts receive, 
except... well, it's not. 

The second product I've discounted is
another favorite in my own classroom.

This is a display for tracking AR points
in your classroom. 

Here's a peek at the product 
on the wall 
in my own classroom.

(You'll have to provide your own READ letters.
Hobby Lobby, craft stores, and Walmart all sell something comparable 
to the letters in the pic.)

Each kiddo is given
 a cave"boy" or cave"girl"
image with his/her name on it.  
The clipart is moved from poster to poster as he/she accumulates points.
My own students love it!

These two are on sale today!
Grab your copies HERE and HERE.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Meet Up

Hi Friends!

Today I'm linkin' up with
summer linky.

It's week 4 and bloggers have been asked to post 3 random facts about ourselves.

Here goes...

I actually overheard my future hubby 
accept an invitation to attend 
a Sunday School chili supper.  
I made it a point to attend as well.
How else was I going to meet him?

When the meal was ready to be served, 
I got to ring the dinner bell, and to me...
that was absolutely the BEST part!

A family friend was assigned to Johnny's entourage and he arranged for me to meet him.
Do any of you remember him?

That's enough random"ness" for one night...
Now it's your turn to share!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord

Hi Everyone!
It's Sunday / Fun Day
and I'm participating in a new linky...
new to me, that is.

It's called

and I'll hope you'll link up, too!


Baby Girl graduated from high school 
just a few short weeks ago.  
In August, she'll be attending 
the University of South Alabama 
(sniff sniffso we're quite busy 
buying lots of stuff 
for her dorm room.  


One of the items on my "to do" list this summer was to have a professional make over the shrubbery area in my front yard.  My dear hubby and I have previously made 3 attempts in recent years, all of which failed.  
Believe me, we were long overdue 
to make an appointment 
with someone who knew 
what they were doing.
Now it's so lovely.
I just hope I can keep it that way.


Here is a pic of my former classroom.
It's a mess because I 
had a midlife crisis
decided to move to a smaller school 
where I'll work with a close friend from my college days.
When I made the commitment to go, 
I clearly wasn't thinking 
how much WORK was involved.
Goodness gracious! 


My Erin Condren lesson planner arrived this last week!  It is simply beautiful and 
I can't imagine teaching without one.  
They're just that lovely!
(Can you tell I'm from the south?  
Everything here is lovely.) 


And finally... let the countdown BEGIN!
There are approximately 85 days remaining
until the new season begins and
I, personally, can't WAIT!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Danny and the Dinosaur - An Author Study

Hi Everyone!

If what I've seen 
on other teacher blogs 
is an indication of a common practice 
in classrooms from the east to the west, it's
author studies...
and I have an oldie, but goodie,
for you!

My own kiddos always loved reading the
Danny and the Dinosaur series.
Maybe that's because they're easy to navigate and first graders seem to have a natural curiosity about the big beasts.   
Plus, the author tosses in 
plenty of the silly stuff 
to make it highly engaging 
and just plain... 

We simply needed to know more about the author so I created this product.

Here's a sneak peek 
at most everything I included...

I'd love to share it with 3 people.
If you're interested, leave a comment
(with your email address)
about an author study you 
conduct in your own classroom.

If you would still like a copy after the freebies are gone, you can find it

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let's Talk Books Linky

I'm following through with
Deanna's suggestion and linkin' up with her summer book talks.
 Let's get to it, shall we?
The book that I've selected this week
was a read-aloud lesson taught by a
former librarian who has since retired.
She read it so beautifully, I knew instantly that I had to have a copy for myself.
It's just that sweet!

Here's a tiny peek at this precious story...

This is Beatrice.

Beatrice doesn't like books and she certainly
does not like the library.

But to the library she must go 
when her older brother, Henry, 
has a report to write.

While there, 
Beatrice frequently confirms 
her dislike for the library.

Every attempt her brother makes to pacify her is met with a resounding
"I don't want to!"

A day or so later, 
Henry reads an advertisement 
for a read aloud 
to be held that afternoon.

He quickly drops her off 
and disappears 
before she has a chance to say,
"I don't want to!"

At first, Beatrice refuses to listen and is even quite rude to another child.
Slowly, though... she makes a connection
to the story that makes her laugh out loud.

 Beatrice enjoys the story and asks the librarian if she can see the book.

Of course, the librarian agrees and 
Beatrice looks at all the pictures 
over and over.

Henry finally returns to retrieve his sister.
She is so captivated 
by the story that she
ignores his attempts to gain her attention.

Finally... he begs her
"Come on, Bea... It's time to go."
to which she naturally responds,
"I don't want to!"

Did I not tell you it was a precious story?

If you're interested in purchasing a copy for your classroom, you can find it here.

Now it's your turn to share!

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