Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April's Currently

It's my pleasure to link up with


I'm off to catch the last few minutes of The Beverly Hillbillies!
Now it's your turn to join the fun!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Word Workin' Witch and a Spring Cleaning Sale

Like so many others,
I heard there was a "spring cleaning"
sale currently underway at TPT
and I wanted to participate, too!

Who doesn't love a good sale?!
Especially when it involves 
shopping for your classroom?  
Can anyone else get on board with that?!

I find that shopping for chart tablets, 
dri-erase markers, cap erasers (in every color of the rainbow) 
and pocket folders 
simply makes me happy.
 How about the smell of a new notebook? 
Is it not intoxicating?
It's weird, I know.
My parents tell me I've always been that way.

In any case, 
not only will I be purchasing 
a few must-haves to 
carry me through 
the remainder of the year, 
I also wanted to pop in and tell you about my newest product that I've used daily 
in my small groups for months.

It's called Word Workin' Witch 
and it's a collection of mats 
in which the children 
manipulate letter tiles 
* at your direction *  
to form words. 
(Simply put, it feeds my love 
for teaching phonics. ) 

As you can see, 
I recently taught the oa/ow vowel digraph so we're using both mats 
to practice our new words. 
It's fast, efficient, and my own firsties 
seem to associate the letter pattern with the adorable clipart just a tad bit better than before.

I'd love to give away 3 free samples.
Leave a comment telling me your favorite subject to teach and I'll send 
a copy right along.
Don't forget your email address!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break Goodness and a Freebie

It's my pleasure to link up with 

Freebie Fridays
for the last March freebie.
Where does the time go?!

Before I share my freebie,
I simply must show you what I've been up to this week.
It's been SPRING BREAK for me and 
I've enjoyed every last minute!

On Monday,
we packed our suitcases, 
a cooler, 
some groceries for the road trip,
two pups,
and we headed for the mountains.

It's my absolute favorite vacation destination.
No beach for me, no sirree!

I guess that's because the sheer
 beauty of the mountains surpasses anything 
I could ever experience at the beach.
Just my opinion.

The following photos might explain my thinking more clearly...

On our first day, 
my little family selected a trail to hike.
2.7 miles - one way.  
Moderate difficulty.
(Perhaps slightly more so, 
considering the condition of my knees!)

Anyway, the weather was slightly cool,
just perfect for a hike into the forest.

ONE MILE LATER and a tad bit higher in elevation,
we experienced an ever-so-slight change
in the weather.
Did I say slight?!

The temperature dropped considerably and 
it began to snow quite heavily.
This wouldn't have been a problem if we had expected
the shift, however we were NOT dressed for the occasion.

I packed mostly short-sleeved shirts, for goodness sake!
It was spring break, after all!

 In any case, isn't it beautiful?!

So, let me get to what brought you here in the first place...

Here's a simple scoot game I created to reinforce
telling time to the hour and half/hour.
A handful of my kiddos needed the additional practice.
12:30 and 6:30 seem to get them every.single.time.
I hope you enjoy it!
Go get it HERE

Please leave a comment if you are able to use it.
I'm driven by kind words.
Thank you and enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Today's Funny

A funny thing happened today...

We are wrapping up our third quarter grading period this week so there are a number of assessments we're required to administer.

My kiddos took a language test today.
The directions read:

Draw a picture and write a sentence describing your teacher.  Use 3 adjectives.

This was the response...

God-ful... imagine that.
Apparently, she thinks very highly of me!

Enjoy your Friday!

Friday, February 28, 2014

February Highlights and a Freebie

I'm linkin' up with the lovely people at
Teaching Blog Addict
for another
Friday Freebie.
Freebie Fridays

February was an absolute blur to me.
Somewhere between our study of 
Presidents' Day, 
dental health, 
and the 100th day of school, 
I got lost in all the shuffle.
Has that ever happened to you?

here are a few simple highlights 
from the month.
Not many... mind you,  
it's late and I'm just shy of collapsing.

Earlier this month, my sweet friends paused just a moment to pose in front of the "100"  displayed at the entrance of our K-1 hallway.

We were also blessed by a brief appearance by
the legendary Abraham Lincoln who cleared all of his morning appointments just so he could celebrate the 100th day with us!
Isn't he a cutie?!

Another February highlight is the completion of this silly George Washington 
"art" project, 
(if it qualifies as such).

I'll even provide the black-line master just to spare you any embarrassment by publicly requesting it in a comment.
That's just who I am.
Always looking out for my friends...

This project is best suited
for one of those nights 
when you simply don't have the time 
to cut apart
 hundreds of construction paper pieces... 
only to have your kids 
reassemble them the following day.

As lovely as those projects are, I don't always have the time.


he's my favorite!

Such an air of distinction,
don't you agree?

Get the blackline master here.

if you've made it this far...
I'm teaching the long i vowel sound
(spelled ie and igh)
next week.
Here's a literacy center
if you should need one.

Here's another peek...

This freebie is available right here.
If you find it useful, please be kind and leave a word of encouragement.
Thank you!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Three Million Strong TPT Sale Link Up

Get ready to get your shop on!

Teachers Pay Teachers is now 3 million teachers strong and we're ready to celebrate!

The lovely teachers at Blog Hoppin are hosting a fabulous link up to celebrate this wonderful occasion and 
I wanted to participate as well.  
I mean, like... who wouldn't enjoy  participating in this shopping bonanza?

The products in my own store are 20% off and  if that's not enough...
enter the promo code TPT3 for 
 additional savings - up to 28% off!

The celebration begins at midnight!
Don't be late!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Math Tubs, Penguins, and a Freebie

Happy Friday, Everyone!

If you're like me, 
you'll simply never tire of hearing that phrase!  
At the end of a long week those three words honestly have the ability to add that extra "oomph" back into my step.
It's simply amazing, I tell ya.

before I get to the freebie, I have two or three things I'd like to share with you.  
If you've got the time, 
I promise to talk 
super fast. 

I've been teaching for 24 years and the resources that I've accumulated over time have all fit nicely into the filing cabinets in my classroom.
THEN, I discovered how to create my own 
activities, games, and printables 
and my filing system quickly ceased to be a "system" of any sort. 

So... I recently purchased these lovely tubs at the Big W
 where I probably paid too much 
(What am I saying?  I KNOW I paid too much!)
In any case, they made me happy and I had to have them.

Given the state of my filing cabinets, it made sense for me to organize my math centers first.  After a few hours one Sunday afternoon, I'm pleased to report they're now sorted into each of the 4 critical areas.  To categorize them a tad bit more, I used a sharpie to label each bag with the specific standard that the game/activity addresses.
With this method I'm finding that I can also identify the standards in each domain a wee bit better than before.


We've been studying penguins this week.
Like... who hasn't been?  :)
Here are two of our projects we completed.

My school didn't have the appropriately colored butcher paper to make a cutesie penguin KWL chart,
 so we improvised with this project.  
Each kiddo simply wrote two facts and I stapled it alongside his/her project.

Here's another...

along with a writing sample I collected, too.

This sweet girl writes...

Penguins can swim and they can lay eggs and they can slide on their bellies and they can huddle in groups when their parents are gone and the parents are gone for 60 days.  


I taught greater than/less than in math this week.
My lovely teacher friend across the hall shared this wonderfully fun activity with me.  Perhaps you've seen it...

The "kiddo engagement" meter was off the charts.
I'm thinking these wonderful projects she shares with me must be  related to her membership 
in the pudding club!


I'm linkin' up with

Freebie Fridays

with a fun center to practice the 
r-controlled vowel sound
-or and -ore.

You can find it HERE.
Enjoy your weekend, friends!
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