Sunday, August 2, 2015

August Currently

It's August, folks
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Listening: Folks, it's HOT in central Alabama. The ceiling fan and the a/c are both operating at maximum capacity today.

Loving:  I crave routine.  Yes, summer is lovely and I enjoy it.  However, I love the structure that a school routine brings and I honestly think I accomplish MORE during the day when I'm on a schedule.

Thinking: Although I've been working in my classroom for two weeks, you'd think I'm just about ready for Open House this next week. I'm not and I can't stop thinking about the list of things yet to do.

Wanting: The satisfaction of checking everything off of my "to do" list.  It seems as soon as I cross something off, more things appear at the end of the list.  It's maddening!

Needing: To complete the laundry.  I'm thinking it's not likely to get done, either.

B2SRAK: The lovely ladies with whom I'm blessed to share my day asked that I create a bulletin board on which they could post their kids' AR scores.  My own is done and I'll be sharing the others as quickly as they're completed.

Have you returned to work in your own classroom or do you have time yet to enjoy your summer?


Surrendering Camie said...

I can't believe you guys go back already! I'm sure you get out way earlier then we do at the end of the year though. We had a calendar change this year (we usually start mid August) but end up not starting until after Labor Day so we have an extra long summer.

We are in the same boat with laundry; ;) Have a great year!

Surrendering Camie

April Pickett said...

Wow! You made bulletin boards for your colleagues?! That is definitely a RAK!

Laurie said...

I'm right there with North Alabama! It's HOT here too! Our public schools (and my homeschool) start back on Tuesday, August 4th! And I can relate to getting more accomplished when I'm on a schedule! Hope you have a great Open House and first week!

meesabelle said...

Teachers report this Friday and Monday, open house is Monday night, and first day for students is Tuesday. I feel ready yet not ready at the same time. Might be first day jitters! Have a great school year! I love first grade!

First Grade Frame of Mind

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