Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Alexander Graham Bell and a Freebie

Hi All!

This post will be super fast.
 I promise.
With 5.5 days remaining in this school year, 
I still have several unfinished projects yet to complete and 
there's no time to be long-winded.

In any case...
my Scott Foresman friends will understand when I say
it's Alexander Graham Bell week.
It's certainly not my favorite story
but we're too close to the end 
to worry about it now.

This week is all about the aw / au vowel digraph 
and I'm using these mini-books 
to hammer that pattern home.

I use them at the beginnning 
of my small groups 
and my kids practice reading 
while they wait a moment for me 
to join them at the table.

Once I sit down, 
a friend is seated beside me 
and I listen to him/her practice reading 
the aw/au words in context.  

Each page in the booklet 
features a word or two with the given vowel pattern 
and the cute graphics lend support 
for those kiddos who need it.

Some of my booklets hold as few as 12 sentences.
Others hold more.
It's all based on my kids' needs.
You can read more about it HERE.

Other Alexander activities we've enjoyed this week include
this short and sweet video

my kids enjoyed this one as well.

After viewing the two videos,
we completed this pocket chart 
fact and fiction

My kiddos thoroughly enjoyed it, 
especially when I added the element 
of earning points for correct responses.
Oh, my goodness!
They were off.the.chain. in an effort to participate.

Would you like a copy?
It's available HERE.

And finally,
is your countdown in the single digits?


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