Friday, May 22, 2015

Five for Friday

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Let's get to it!
I'm a tad bit late 
but I wanted to share with you 
unique way in which 
Teacher Appreciation Week 
was celebrated at my school.

We are usually a very quiet, 
very rural school... 
however, when a local real-estate agency 
offered to bring this balloon 
to celebrate teachers...
We all said "Yeah, BABY!"
in our best Austin Powers' voice.

Teachers who wanted to participate 
were asked to sign a waiver 
and since there wasn't time 
for a lengthy question and answer session,  
I quickly scribbled my name at the bottom and 
prayed for the best.

Yes, it was tethered but great fun, nonetheless.
Our end of the year AR celebration involved some
This lovely second grade teacher 
her inner beast 
and swore to defeat her opponent.
Even my assistant principal 
could not resist 
the challenge 
issued to him by our coach.

Both men hit the mats.
 Despite the smile,
I'm actually very disappointed 
that I allowed 
my own sumo-wrestling credentials 
to expire.

 I couldn't participate so
 I helped with crowd control 
with my new friend
Big Mo,
the Montgomery Biscuits mascot.
My kiddos recently completed 
the Alexander Graham Bell story 
in the Reading Street series.
We discussed how great ideas 
often lead to inventions 
so I naturally wanted to extend the conversation 
with this craft.
When asked to tell about one of his own great ideas,
I got this...
I totally agreed with the little fellow, however... no.
My lovely niece got married. 
Her wedding was absolutely perfect,
 even though it was a tad bit on the warm side. 
 I especially love that my dad
(her grandfather) 
was able to walk her down the aisle.

And finally...

School's OUT!
Are you approaching the finish line?


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