Monday, March 16, 2015

Teaching Commands

Hi Folks!

Recently I read THIS POST
by Amy Lemons of
Step Into Second Grade
in which she challenged herself to teach
an entire week without using the copy machine
(with the exception of graphic organizers,
recording sheets,etc...)

Her thought process was the result of having read this book...

Many of you are likely already participating in the book study being conducted by
several other bloggers. 
I'll be ordering my own copy in time to read it during my spring break next week!

 as I wrote my plans Sunday afternoon I gave Amy's challenge a little more thought.
While I knew it has not been my practice to use many worksheets, 
I recognized the need for improvement. 

I started small... tiny steps, people...
with an activity on commands.

I scrambled the words for 
a few simple commands 
and duplicated them on fancy paper.

Each kiddo selected his/her own command.  
The strips were cut into individual words and reassembled in the correct order to form a command.

Illustrations were drawn and
we called it a day.

If you'd like a copy of the commands,

The challenge continues tomorrow...
Enjoy your week!


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