Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kim Adsit at Her Best

Hi Everyone!
My entire grade level recently had the pleasure of attending a seminar conducted by
Kim Adsit of Kindergals
and I must say she was 
everything I expected her to be 
and oh, OH so much more.

 If you find yourself 
in need of fresh ideas, 
recent research in early childhood education, or simply confirmation 
that you're doing something right, 
this conference is for you.

It was entitled...

and it's got something for everyone...
 the teacher at the threshold of her career and those of us 
who will soon bring it to a close.  
I encourage you to RUN - don't walk,
and take a peek at her schedule.
She's probably coming to a city near YOU! 

Thank you, Kim for posing with all of us!

If you're still reading 
(and I'm so grateful if you are!), 
I'd like to share with you 
a reading skill called prosody 
and how my classroom kind of lost one of the ways in which it is so easily developed.
Through her seminar, Kim so graciously inspired me to return to it once again. 

So... what's this thing called prosody?
Basically it's what makes 
expressive reading
It's timing, intonation, phrasing, emphasis and it's easily developed 
through chants,


and songs!

While I have always included 
a weekly chant or poem 
for my kiddos to practice,
the singing had essentially disappeared.
My daily schedule 
would allow for only so many  
"must haves" 
 and they multiplied each year.  
Some element of my day 
had to be dropped and sadly, 
for my kiddos... that was singing.

Now that I'm reflecting on Kim's teaching,
I am reminded 
of the importance of singing 
and it will return to my classroom...
with a vengence next week!

I'm starting with this favorite...
Today is Sunday.

It's a simple one 
your kids will be humming 
all day.  
If you don't have it on a cd,
you can sing along on youtube HERE 
 and if you'd like your own copy of the poster
click HERE.

Clipart by My Cute Graphics and public domain images

Enjoy your weekend and thanks, Kim!


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