Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two for Tuesday - Week 4

Happy Tuesday!
Once again,I'm linking up with 

Two for Tuesday
summer bloggin' fun!

To participate,
I've been asked to discount
two products 
in my store for today only,

The two that I've selected are products
that I use with
Accelerated Reader.

First up...

This product was adapted 
from a display I had 
in my classroom for years.  

  One day though,
I needed the wall space for other things, 
so I took it down and converted it
into a personal log book that tracks the students' reading progress. 

In a nutshell, here's how it works...

Each level features an animal 
with 10 circles on it. 

Kiddos read a book, 
then take and pass an AR quiz.  
They're then given one of these 
handy-dandy stickers for their chart.
10 stickers = 10 quizzes

Each page also features 
a fun fact about the animal, 
a graph for recording the types of books they're reading and 
most importantly...
a badge for having completed that level!
It kinda makes me think 
of the 
 badges that 
Boy / Girl Scouts receive, 
except... well, it's not. 

The second product I've discounted is
another favorite in my own classroom.

This is a display for tracking AR points
in your classroom. 

Here's a peek at the product 
on the wall 
in my own classroom.

(You'll have to provide your own READ letters.
Hobby Lobby, craft stores, and Walmart all sell something comparable 
to the letters in the pic.)

Each kiddo is given
 a cave"boy" or cave"girl"
image with his/her name on it.  
The clipart is moved from poster to poster as he/she accumulates points.
My own students love it!

These two are on sale today!
Grab your copies HERE and HERE.


Miss Starr said...

I was just wondering if the items are half off because they look like they are full priced on TpT. I will keep checking on them and put them in my wish list. Very cute. I love the reading chart and cave people!

Leslie said...

Hi Miss Starr! Yes, the products are on sale. One is usually $5.00 and the other is at $6.00. I'm not sure what other people do to show the original price with a slash through it and the sale price to show underneath it. I'm open to learning new things if you'd care to share with me how to accomplish that!

Thank you so much for your kind words!

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