Saturday, March 29, 2014

Word Workin' Witch and a Spring Cleaning Sale

Like so many others,
I heard there was a "spring cleaning"
sale currently underway at TPT
and I wanted to participate, too!

Who doesn't love a good sale?!
Especially when it involves 
shopping for your classroom?  
Can anyone else get on board with that?!

I find that shopping for chart tablets, 
dri-erase markers, cap erasers (in every color of the rainbow) 
and pocket folders 
simply makes me happy.
 How about the smell of a new notebook? 
Is it not intoxicating?
It's weird, I know.
My parents tell me I've always been that way.

In any case, 
not only will I be purchasing 
a few must-haves to 
carry me through 
the remainder of the year, 
I also wanted to pop in and tell you about my newest product that I've used daily 
in my small groups for months.

It's called Word Workin' Witch 
and it's a collection of mats 
in which the children 
manipulate letter tiles 
* at your direction *  
to form words. 
(Simply put, it feeds my love 
for teaching phonics. ) 

As you can see, 
I recently taught the oa/ow vowel digraph so we're using both mats 
to practice our new words. 
It's fast, efficient, and my own firsties 
seem to associate the letter pattern with the adorable clipart just a tad bit better than before.

I'd love to give away 3 free samples.
Leave a comment telling me your favorite subject to teach and I'll send 
a copy right along.
Don't forget your email address!



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