Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seussed Up or Seussed Out?

We're three days into our Dr. Seuss celebration and I must say, it's been fun.
We've enjoyed a flexible schedule and created an art project or two.

However... today was off the charts.
 Seriously... we took a  wrong turn just prior to 7:45 this morning. 
Here I thought we were going to have your basic Read Across America kind of day.
Apparently, it's not that simple.  
Someone decided a Dr. Seuss cake in the lunchroom would not be sufficient.
Oh, no!  
Let's step it up a notch!
Let's toss in...
one announcement that we would practice our fire/tornado drills,
a crazy sock wearing day in support of Dr. Seuss,
the arrival of our Dr. Seuss hats/shirts,
pictures being made,
guest readers,
important post tests,
one book fair in the library,
and music class.
Will Friday actually arrive on schedule this week?
Or is someone playing a mean joke on me?

In any case,  here are two more door decorations for your files.
The one on the left is my own.  
(Several years ago, I submitted this idea to a well-known teachers' magazine and 
it was actually accepted for publication!  
The Lorax door was created by one of the K teachers on my hallway.  
I adore this door!

So... how is your week progressing?
Do you look forward to special occasions at school or do you appreciate the "regular schedule" more?


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