Saturday, March 2, 2013

An Excuse

Where does the time go?  
One of my resolutions was to post more frequently on this lonely blog and it seems I've failed, once again... miserably.  Does it count that my dear hubby has been blessed with another grandchild and we have two teenagers preparing for college in less than a year?  Life is busy... can you relate?

In any case, I just wanted to tell you about my latest project that I just posted to TPT.
 It's an extreme collection of greater than 10+ place value activities that can be utilized in your classroom in a variety of different ways.  Whole/small groups, independent work, centers - they are all included!  If you're a first grade teacher, go check it out!

I'm giving two away for free!  Leave a comment and your email address and I'll send one in your direction!


Kim said...

I have missed you! Life is most definitely busy. I am so glad you have time to create awesome products though! On a side note, my district has adopted a new reading series for next year. I will miss your wonderful Reading Street supplements!

Molly Wiard said...

Have you given two away yet? I would love this. BTW, are you using the Common Core Standards?

Lee Averett said...

If you have an extra set I'd love it!

Place value is such a hard concept!


First grade teacher and poor but love it! Peace

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