Monday, September 10, 2012

Have You Read This One?

Recently I submitted my first book club order for the year and while looking through the brochure this book's cover illustration caught my attention.  
Have you seen this one?  
I bought it simply because he looked so sassy and I just had to know 
the story with the red marker.  
I was not to be disappointed, either. 
When the book arrived, I didn't proofread it before sharing it with my young friends.  
(Isn't that terrible?)  
I thought with illustrations like this, it's GOT to be a winner.
And it was.  
Hands down one of my new favorites.
The day after we extended the book with this craft.  Aren't the results just beautiful?!
I love the little "lefty" Chester.  
My kiddos thoroughly enjoyed this project.  
They talked of nothing but "Chester" for the remainder of the afternoon.  
And since I'm trying to create life-long readers, I call that a success. 
If you're interested, I'll be posting the templates for this project
 by the end of the week.  
Happy Reading!



Cynthia said...

So stinking cute!!!

I am starting my 24th year of teaching. I'm so glad to find another blogger closer to my age! lol

I'll be glad to help you link up to my party. Just send me an e-mail.

2nd Grade Pad

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